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Shout out to all COD lovers, Activision just released one of the most anticipated games of the year, and that is Call of Duty Warzone, and in this article, our today’s topic will be the best guns in warzone. We will find which guns are best to play within Warzone.

This game is a part of Call of Duty franchise, and it is a spinoff of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare, which released in 2019.

Developed by Infinity Ward & Raven Software is a free to play the battle royal game which is accessible within warzone in two different ways. And it is released on all three platforms the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, you can also play on your Microsoft Windows warzone on your pc.

The COD Warzone will feature cross-platform, and progression is alternating between COD Modern Warfare and COD Warzone.

What is Call of Duty Warzone?

The COD Warzone is an online multiplayer combat game that can be played among the 150 players and is all set in the fictional city of Verdansk which is if you may think although warzone is a new call of duty mode. The city of Verdansk is a massive region to explore and has giant hills and vast skyscrapers, a big highway network, and a go-kart track these are the selections that are accessible within warzone in two different.

There are so many things to explore that you may never get tired of it. There are at least four sectors that have so many structures to find out Verdansk North Sector, South Sector, Central Sector, and East Sector so you can be able to be more mobile around the warzone.

There are two modes in Call of Duty Warzone. The first one is everyone’s favorite Battle Royal, and the other one is Plunder, which is new in Call of Duty franchise.

Best Weapons In Warzone

Battle Royal:  

COD Warzone’s Battle Royal has a gigantic combat arena to play for up to 150 players, which can be made into squads of a trio and to fight for their survival. There are three steps to conquer the Battle Royal Loot, Upgrade, and Survive, and it is effortless to understand and very hard to master, and it’s up to you to get 4 perks on warzone or something more to find out.


In this new mode, you have to collect in match cash as much as you can and then try to escape from the loud and stressful combat in the Warzone. To gather more cash, you have to have a unique strategy, great teamwork, and a dominant race to the end.

The rules of the Plunder are very straightforward to Collect Your Cash, Protect Your Cash, and reach $1 Million. In Plunder mode, you can roam more freely in the city of Verdansk than the Battle Royal mode.

Which types of guns are available in the Call of Duty Warzone?

There are plenty of guns and weapons to choose from Warzone. You have to select Primary Weapons & Secondary Weapons. It all depends on you which guns and weapons you want to play within the game.

So to give you a clear view this is the list of strongest guns Call of Duty Warzone which is the categories of Call of Duty Warzone guns:

Assault rifles:

FR 556, M4A1, KILO 141, FAL, RAM-7, M13, AK-47, ODEN & FN SCAR 17

SMG’s (Sub Machine Gun):

MP7, MP5, UZI, PP19 BIZON, AUG & P90

Sniper Rifles:




LMG’s (Light Machine Gun):

SA87, M91, HOLGER-26, PKM & MG34

Marksman Rifles:



.50GS, X16, M19, 1911 & .357 MAGNUM



Best Guns in Warzone

To be honest, there are so many guns that are best in terms of firepower, but some are absolute best. When it comes to choosing the best guns in a warzone you have to be smart and careful.

  • M4A1: This is probably the best assault rifle in the Call of Duty franchise; with M4A1, you can easily dominate the whole arena and is a trendy gun for its high firing rate.
  • MP5: When it comes to selecting the best SMG (Sub Machine Gun), it has to be MP5 SMG hands down; it can easily be outclassed by other weapons within warzone.
  • AX-50:  To kill long-range enemies, AX-50 delivers the promise and proves the best snipers in the warzone are smart with when you hit the shot.
  • R-90 Shotgun: This shotgun is one of my favorites; it is well composed and balanced, which also the most used tool within the warzone.
  • M91: If you want to let your enemies know that you have arrived, then M91 LMG is for you. This will make more noise in the arena than anything else.
  • MK2 Carbine: Choosing the best Marksman Rifle is no kid’s play because it gives you one of the best damage per bullet within warzone you have to be very careful, and the MK2 Carbine is perfect for you.
  • M19: Are you in need of a pistol then look no further because the M19 is good enough to give the enemies run for their money with guaranteed 100% of damage per bullet within the warzone.
  • JOKR: Wanna go nuts, then be a crazy person and use JOKR to destroy the hell out of it and buzz the whole Verdansk city.

Final Words

All in all, this is probably the most advanced and the most significant Call of Duty game that Infinity Ward has ever developed. This is heaven to all those who cherish the COD multiplayer mode; you get the massive map in Verdansk city with a variety of tasks to choose within. These are all my own personal opinions on the very best guns to use in COD Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone also introduces their new in-game currency called Cash, which can used to purchase weapons, upgrades, and attires through their Buy Stations all over the Verdansk city you have to be keen on completing missions throughout warzone. COD Warzone is one of the most exciting games of last year, and this year, the multiplayer game has given us hope that Activision can deliver on their front, and they didn’t lose their charm.

With two multiplayer modes, Battle Royal and Plunder gamers get more time to enjoy the Verdansk city and find hidden rewards. I hope you all are excited as I’m and that Call of Duty Warzone will continue the legacy that was Call of Duty Modern Warfare was left behind.

Call of Duty Warzone is not just pure battle royale and plunder mode but sure hell has a lot to offer.

Thanks for reading.

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