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ROBLOX – The Game to Learn

Developer(s) Roblox Corporation Publisher(s) Roblox Director(s) David Baszucki, Erik Cassel are makers behind the Roblox that also made this game phenomenon, and Roblox Corporation is in awe with their success. The majority of games produced using. Children play many games on different gaming platforms. Games are a part of their lifestyle, a type of getaway from all drama at school or home. Nowadays, computers for their benchmark performance by the games are now a gold standard for performance. For some, when talking about games, their ideal match or their favorite game comes to their mind. When we ask this to anyone, it is the same. If you ask children,’ Which is your favorite game?’, they will most likely reply with ROBLOX. One of the most popular games in the world. It is available on kinds of gaming platforms Android Smartphones, iPhones, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox One, Tablets, and PC, etc… Xbox One console is one of the most popular platforms for Roblox games.


What is ROBLOX you may ask?

This question is one of the frequently asked questions about ROBLOX by parents of children who play this game and why Roblox comes on the list of most popular games. ROBLOX is an online game with parental controls guidelines, sort of like a platform where your child can interact with millions of others to play a game; this might include their friends or even possible friends they might meet online. It is also a platform for cognitive learning; they can create, share experiences, and even help each other out in various things. A simple sentence is a game where children can bring themselves to self-aspiration and imagine the best ideas and the parents can be relaxed by having the authority of parental controls. The majority of games that are producing each day by using Roblox Studio are children who have shown so much love and passion for the game.

Parents can easily create fencing for their children by using parental controls. They can limit their chatting privileges by setting parental controls restrictions. In the chat section, you also get the language filters. So whenever there someone using abusive words language filter can easily remove that. This game also provides the feature specifically for mothers and fathers so they can restrict the gameplay by applying parental controls.

ROBLOX Premium

Sometimes you wonder are those parental controls working as they should or what are your children are doing within this game and you need to take a quick look at what’s going on with Suppose you have time to check out the game or play a game from ROBLOX. In that case, you will notice that you or your child’s character, the avatar you are using, looks completely different from others or perhaps sees that another player gets some additional buffs or status than your child. Then you might think to yourself – Why doesn’t my child look like them?

Fear not. There is an explanation as to why some people get extras because they pay a bit to get those buffs. This feature of ROBLOX is called ROBLOX Premium it was specifically created by Roblox Corporation so they can give the freedom of creativity to the players. ROBLOX Premium helps the creators and moderation staff of Roblox in helps ROBLOX maintain itself.

What is ROBLOX Premium? – some parents may ask. ROBLOX Premium is a monthly membership subscription created by Roblox Corporation which is a current replacement of the Builders Club in 2019, a membership that nets you a monthly 10% increase when buying Robux. Why should I invest my money in some games? – some other parents might ask. This Premium feature allows your child or yourself to be a part of ROBLOX’s unique economy; these features are buying, selling, trading items, and an increased revenue share on the games you or user generated content (child made).

Logging In

After Signing up for ROBLOX for free, one can log in without any problem. But sometimes, parents or kids might ask how to log in? Well, here is a quick lesson.

If you are on Desktop or Laptop, follow these steps:

  1. GO to the ROBLOX website.
  2. TO the top left corner, two fill up boxes will be shown.
  3. Fill in those boxes with the corresponding data required with the Username and Password set beforehand while registering into the game.
  4. Click the Login Button and voila, you have reached the homepage of ROBLOX.

Disclaimer: Please know that ROBLOX doesn’t work on Chromebooks, as ROBLOX does not support the ChromeOS.

If you are on a phone or a mobile device, like a pad, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the AppStore and download ROBLOX after registering or registering can be done in the app.
  2. Launch the App.
  3. Click the Login Button.
  4. Fill the relevant details in the right boxes.
  5. Click on login, and you are on the ROBLOX Homepage.

Robux – The ROBLOX Currency

As discussed, we were debating on what is ROBLOX Premium, we mentioned about Robux. What is Robux? – a parent might ask. Robux is the currency of ROBLOX; it is like a crypto-currency. This Robux is what allows your child to participate in the ROBLOX economy and let him/her dress up their avatars.

How is it even a currency? Like all free to play games, there is a premium currency that allows us to do many things; Robux is one of them it was created by Roblox Corporation. Of course, it is going to cost money, but not so expensive, like Bitcoin. It costs 5 Dollars for 400 Robux; it is that cheap. It allows you to buy many in-game items and perks and can also be used to make your avatar look good.

ROBLOX Promo Codes

What are Promo Codes?

Promo Codes give you free in-game items; these can be anything from hats to headphones and many more things. These codes were made easily available by Roblox Corporation.

How does one get these Promo Codes? Promo Codes are the codes that you can get via different events or giveaways conducted. Roblox Corporation always conduct events regularly, and codes are periodically updated. Giveaways are usually undertaken by ROBLOX by many methods, almost like they are given away during streams on their twitch channel or redeemed if you have Amazon Prime.

I have one Promo Code; how do I use it? This question is a question that is frequently asked by people. To redeem your codes, go to roblox.com/promocodes and enter your Promo Code into the box.

ROBLOX Music Codes

Some users may ask – What are ROBLOX Music Codes? Some games on Roblox support radios while playing. Radios, as their name may suggest, allows a user to play music if they have purchased a radio. You may not be able to play music in all games, as the games’ permissions depend on the creator of the game Roblox Corporation.

How do I get Music Codes? Music codes are readily available. You can either use one that another user has already made or make a Music Code by uploading an audio file to ROBLOX for 100 Robux.

How do I apply my Music Code? Music Codes are on the address of the web page that is on the search box. In the address, you will be able to find a pair of numbers. This number is the address of the music. Copy that address and paste it into the radio while playing a game.

How to Get Free Robux?

Getting free Robux or any premium currency for any game for free is any gamers’ ultimate dream. Even though many scam websites are after your IP and your ROBLOX login details, this is different. So, there is no ‘easy way’ to get Robux, especially for free. But many ones reward you.

Meet Bananatic. Bananatic is a website through which you can gain prizes by filling out surveys or playing games and many more. Bananatic is free to use and comes with their currency; they are the bananas. For buying Robux with Bananatic, you will need a PayPal account. After gaining enough bananas, you can redeem them for money on PayPal, and with the money in the PayPal Account, you can buy Robux. This method is free and legal.

ROBLOX Twitter

Roblox Corporation uses Twitter as a newsletter for games, events, and many more things on ROBLOX. These include many news-like giveaways, competitions, tips, tricks, and many more. Some of these even include giveaways of Robux through gift cards.

Could I use Twitter? If you are over or 13 years, Yes, you can use Twitter and even follow Roblox on Twitter. Roblox provides you with the news on what to do for events and many more information and updates.

Final Verdict

Roblox is a phenomenal game to play, especially if you are starting to play games. Even though the news outlets devalue or deface ROBLOX for many reasons, it still stands as one of the best childhood games for your child. Parents do not be paranoid about this game; it is just a game and you can be always assured that you can control their game by having parental controls option. It allows for many opportunities. So, ROBLOX is an excellent game to play for you and your kid. If your kid is interested, he or she could even get started with coding with ROBLOX Lua. Overall, this is a game that should be played by a person at least once in their lifetime.

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