How Can I Merge My Epic Games Accounts {Complete Guide}

Epic Games Account Megre

Epic games account merging is a feature through which players can combine two Fortnite accounts into a single account. Account merging was introduced to Fortnite so that players can take two or more Fortnite accounts and join them into a single one.

Xbox, Switch, or PS4 players have much used this feature. It proved beneficial for them as they might have created a Fortnite profile without linking to their main account. So, what this feature does is that it gives us the opportunity to re-link the accounts to form a single Fortnite account across all platforms. This primary account remains as it is while the secondary account is erased permanently.

Well, before going into the details of Epic games account merging, first, we should have a brief idea about Epic games as well.

What are epic games?

As some of you must be aware, epic games is an American video game as well as a software developer with headquarter in Cary, North Carolina. Tim Sweeney is the founder of epic games, and its foundation took place around 1991. He named it Potomac Computer Systems.

As the years passed by, the company continued making self-published PC games which also included Jill of the Jungle and Jazz Jackrabbit. To this date, Epic games have worked significantly on over more than 20 games since the time of development, and few other games are still in the process of development.

What are the problems of merging account?

Creating a primary account and then adding stuff from other account seems quite exciting and beneficial, but it has its perks and complications. PS4 gamers are mostly affected. Merging accounts is not a very easy task. It acts as a hindrance for Fortnite Battle Royals and Fortnite Save the World players. There are certain limitations to things that can be merged, and the time taken to process is also limited.

It has been confirmed by epic games that account merging takes two weeks, which enhances the risk of losing stuff for a short time. There are plenty of things that cannot be transmitted to your secondary account. These include Unreal Marketplace items, Creative Islands; Epic games store purchases, Battle Pass, and Save the World XP/Progress. Eligibility criteria is also a problem in merging accounts.

Suppose Xbox or Switch is being played on one account and PS4 on another; only then are they eligible for joining. So these are the problems encountered by the players who go for account merging.

Tutorial: Epic Games Account Merge

So, if you want an insight into the details of how accounts can be merged, just follow these simple steps. for epic games account merge follow below tutorial.

Firstly, get hold of a primary and secondary console account. Let’s say the central console is the one that holds purchases and progression that is the most important and the secondary account be the one having access to its purchases until account merge flow is complete.

The second step is that both primary and secondary console accounts should be upgraded to new epic accounts. For doing that, you need to follow the given steps very carefully for BOTH primary as well as secondary console accounts. In the end, you’ll be left with two separate epic accounts. So the steps are:

  1. Sign out of any account that is already signed in. You can do that by visiting the given
  2. Then click on sign in.
  3. Later in the sign-in page, click on the console account that you wish to log into.
  4. Then you need to select the console by using the sign-in pop-up.
  5. If you are redirected to the home page, then skip and go to step 7. If not, then continue with the following steps.
  6. Create a new Epic Account if you do not have one by completing the required fields on the page. Please give a valid email address.
  7. Make sure you are doing this for BOTH primary and secondary accounts. It is important to note that you require a separate email address for each account.
  8. The secondary account association should contain the login information for the epic account because you will need it for merging purchases, etc.

The third step forms the unlinking of the secondary console from its epic account. This can be done as follows:

  1. Go back to and sign out of all the already logged in accounts.
  2. Again, click on sign in.
  3. Here you need signing in to your secondary console account. Then, there might be a temporary loss of purchases as well as a progression as long as the merging account is not completed.
  4. Then click on the Account dropdown appearing at the top.
  5. Then you need to disconnect the console accounts that you wish to unlink. You can do so by going to the Connected Accounts tab and click on disconnect.
  6. Then comes the email verification process. You can do that by simply clicking on the verification link provided in your email.
  7. After reading all the terms and conditions thoroughly, confirm unlink.

The fourth step includes linking the secondary console with the primary console for the associated epic account. The steps are the same as above. The only difference is that in step 3, instead of signing in to your secondary console account, this time, you need to sign in to your primary console account.

Finally, your primary and secondary accounts will be linked.

Benefits of merging epic games account

Although the process of account merging is encountered with few problems, it has its own advantages as well. Players get the opportunity to use just one account across all the devices. Hence, all the cosmetics and V- bucks that you have earned will be available wherever you desire to play. It definitely fits those players who had to forcefully set up a second Epic account to play Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch.

How to delete epic games account if you have to?

Deleting an epic games account is as simple as creating it. So, if you wish to delete your account you need to follow some very steps which are :

  • Firstly, log into your Epic account. After logging, the personal info page displays.
  • Scroll down to select the delete account option and then click on it.
  • A security code pop-up will appear. Enter the security code which has been provided in your email.
  • Then click on confirm the delete.
  • Finally, click on done.

Be aware that this process cannot be reversed.

It has been reported that Epic Games will be taking this feature of account merging down in the near future. Epic Games have decided to end these services because studies revealed that only a few players needed this feature. It is no more in demand.

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